Each of our clients is the best client ever. We proud each work we did for them.

Long-term clients

The list of clients we work several times and more than 1 year.

Skateboard companies

  • Footwork skateboards

    Skateboard company based in Vladivostok, Russia. We work together more than 3 years and made over 12 skateboard decks, wheels, griptapes, trucks and some stuff.

  • Eastcoast cruisers

    Subsidiary brand of Footwork Skateboards company.

    The graphics for two longboards.

  • Morphium skateboards

    Skateboarding company from Leer, Germany.

    We work since 2016 and made 4 designs of skateboard decks.

Clothing companies

  • HH Wear

    A russian streetwear brand based in Moscow.

    4 years of collaboration, 10 clothing collections and more than 30 t-shirt designs.

  • PZH Wear

    Streetwear brand from Moscow, Russia. We made absolutely all designs for them. It’s more than 15 illustrations.

  • Stillo Sportswear

    A russian sportswear for boxers and MMA fighters. We work together since 2015 and made more than 20 designs.

Full list of clients

All of our clients we worked all these 5 years.